The Fashion place to get married

Since 2012, Vo Evolution has had the honor to beautify hundreds of customers, especially brides from all over the world from Australia, Japan, Korea, India, through Spain, England and France, reaching USA, Canada and Mexico and all Latin-American

In constant occasions, our bride and guests, tell us they cannot get in their cities high quality services such as Vo Evolution and want to have our team anywhere in the world, to recommend it to their friends. Which makes us proud because we are a company worldwide recognized; always adapting to the cultures and traditions of each client

For this and other reasons Vo Evolution has taken the decision to offer their services without border limit, where you required our services, there will be the a VO Evolution artist for you.

Our team of artists can move to any city in the world where we need, offering all our services: airbrush makeup, traditional makeup and any kind of hairstyles.

Our dedication to beauty and well-being of the bride, our expertise, our professional products, and our passion will be in our suitcase ready for you, without forgetting the warmth of Cancun, Mexico!

VO Evolution is internationalized, breaking Borders!